The Lotus Flower 


Our logo is a simple lotus flower, representing the enlightenment and attainment of

spiritual consciousness.

The flower grows in muddy waters, while always reaching for the light towards becoming one of the most beautiful flowers on earth.

In Eastern philosophy, the flower is a symbol for humanity’s journey towards purity of  mind, body and soul, rising above the waters of personal desire and attachment.

The word PRAMA derives from Sanskrit and means ‘dynamic balance’ or ‘cosmic equilibrium’. To lead a personal lifestyle according to prama is to seek harmony between body, mind and spirit.

As a society, we encourage prama by developing economic, political and social systems that enhance

greater harmony between people, community and the environment.

Today, there is also a major disturbance of the balance between distribution of resources in the world. Consequently, people’s basic physical, mental and spiritual necessities are not being met. This is why our work will be global in scope and individual in practice.

Through focus on self-development and service to humanity, we aim to keep the balance in nature and meeting basic human needs in the areas we work in.