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India/Ananda Nagar - Education and Health 



"My visit in India was a wonderful experience. The country makes me feel free from all social rules and prejudices imposed to all of us from early age not allowing us to be ourself and express our true nature. Through Prama Foundation we are able to contribute to the well being of children through education and health projects.  It was a true inspiration to witness how children despite their limited and poor environment still they are able to sparkle with happiness and love. I had a wonderful time witnessing the children doing gardening, cooking, yoga and mediation. I admire their simplicity, their innocence, and their free minds. Through the foundation we are able to help them help themselves in the midts of intense poverty."

- Carolina Fossum, Norway  




Egypt/Cairo - Nile River School 

"We had a great summer with all the children spending a lot of time at the school. There are about 70 children who come to the School, some regularly and others on irregular basis. Hind, a local village girl has been helping with the kindergarten teaching children to write Arabic letters. We all are learning by doing. We have now running water, even hot water. We have a refrigerator, electricity and our pump is working so we can also irrigate the gardens. We have started to grow some vegetables, potatoes and flowers."

- Didi Anandarama, Project Coordinator, Egypt



Syria/Lebanon- Urgent Relief Refugee Appeal


"In October we focused on getting the kids into schools, while in November we mainly distributed food and clothes. Now in December, besides deeper coverage of the Chouf district, our attention is shifting to winter items. While increasing the number of beneficiaries, we will also spend December facilitating the participation of the refugees and their registration with UNHCR, as well as increasing stakeholder networking for winter items, regular food rations, WASH and shelter needs.​"

- Dada Unmantrananda, AMURT Humanitarian Coordinator, Lebanon