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Our partners in India are based in the city of Ananda Nagar, West Bengal, which is one of the most neglected parts of the country. We have established Prama Foundation India, which means it will be easier for us legally to supports local projects. The NGO is run by local volunteers and will be be helping the Abha Sevan Savan Hospital as well as the these projects: 

  • Univas Childrens Home
  • Univas Girls Music School
  • Univas Medical Clinic
  • Trivandum Childrens Home (Kerala)
  • Ananda Marga Primary School (Kerala)
  • Clothing distribution (Kerala)


Abha Sevan Sadan Composite Charitable Hospital 

A rural medical clinic and hospital. 80 % of the people in ananda nagar are either pesants or day laborers for agricultural works. An average male worker earn 40-50 rupees per day and women as low as 30-40. The nearest health center is in Kotshila village, 25 km south of Ananda Nagar, but the services are poor and there are no proper communication facilities. 


West Bengal is one of the poorest and neglected parts of India. The health infrastructure is deteriorating, with diseases such as polio, leprosy, gastroenteritis and malaria. 90 % of births are done at home, and many women die due to a complete lack of materinty services.

The Abha Seva Savan hospital has 35 beds and serves over 52 villages in a remote rural area. They have been present in the village for over thirty yers, but only have part-time doctors and nurses. 

The hospital administration is currently facing an acute financial crisis to pay staff and buy medicine for the center. At present, the hospital receives Rs 25,000 a month from short-term funding and needs long-term sponsors to meet the regular cost for running smoothly. 

At present, the hospital treats an average of 80 to 100 patients daily (2000- 2500 monthly) and admits 15 in-patients per month. Prama Foundation sponsors the mobile service vehicle which drives to remote villages. 



How individuals can help: 


1. Locate an organization, NGO or company which will sponsor regular expenses for the hospital. 

2. Sponsor expenses for a one-month period yearly, either individually or with friends or associates. 

3. Sponsor monthly allowances of the doctors, nurses or staff. 

4. Sponsor regular medicine, sanitation or garden materials, vehicle maintenance etc. 

The Abha Seva Sadan Hospital

Dada with the doctor and staff

Operating Hall

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