​Our partner organization AMURT has been a presence in Haiti for over 20 years, and through partnering with the local communities this has resulted in a children's home, schools, clinics, literacy programs, reforestation, micro credit finance, sports clubs and women's leadership programs.

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Prama Foundation supports the following initiatives: 

Children’s Home
The Amurtel Haiti Children’s Home is home to several babies and children, who either need a permanent home or, full or part time support. Many of the children who have experienced neglect or abandonment, are thriving due to a loving atmosphere. Whenever possible, ties to the families are maintained and supported.

AMSAI Schools
Amurtel Haiti runs two schools in Haiti, one in Port Au Prince, and the other in Anse a Pitre. Both AMSAI schools use a curriculum and educational philosophy based on Neo-Humanism – a philosophy that propagates love for all creation. The philosophy seeks to acknowledge the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of a child through creative arts, heart circles and yoga asanas as a way of fostering compassionate caretakers and leaders of society.

Microfinance Initative
Following the 2010 earthquake, Amurtel was informed by women in the refugee camps that they were interested to start small businesses in order to get back on their feet. After much planning, a Microfinance project was created to support these women in that task. Currently, about 80 women are participating in using micro credit to finance a pathway to a better future.

Spiritual Warriors Club/Club des Aventuriers et Sportifs Spirituels (CASS)

Sports and adventures reflect the aspirations of a particular age. At the dawning of a new era, the Spiritualist's Sports and adventures Club (SSAC) has been formed to integrate sports and adventure with the higher aspirations of our time and to harmonize body, mind and spirit in a new way.

1. To inspire and provide opportunities for all people to participate in sport and adventure, regardless of nationality, age, race, economic or other considerations;
2. To encourage physical, mental and spiritual health and development, through exercise, sports and vegetarian diet;
3. To integrate the principles and practices of Tantra Yoga with sports and adventures, for the harmony of body, mind and spirit;
4. To oppose corruption, exploitation and elitism in the field of sport and setting a new standard of values by our own conduct
5. To serve the less fortunate members of society

CASS arranges 5-7 day camps for kids from the age of 12 until university level. They are planning on expanding their activities, but lack facilitators, time and money. At the moment there are only five facilitators working with 30 kids in the summer and 40 in the winter months.

Donations via the Prama Foundation will go towards:

  • expanding capacity for more students and financial support.
  • increasing capital for the microfinance program in order to expand, and for staff salaries.
  • a mobile medical clinic which was discontinued a year after the earthquake due to lack of funds. There is a strong need for medical care, especially focusing on women’s and children’s health in the camps.
  • support for the Children’s Home, which is not considered an orphanage and therefore does not have official status as an adoption organization. The children have family in the surrounding communities who are unable to care for them, but continue to visit their children and see them grow up healthy and happy. Funds would go towards medical care for ongoing health issues.
  • sponsoring the CASS Camps, through training facilitators and employees, transportation, first aid training, hiring a psychiatrist for helping with grievances and personal issues.

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Didi's Graduating Students

Didi's Graduating Students