"The source of joy is to love and to give..."

Get involved. 


The work we do requires funding from you. Our projects are completely dependent on private contributions. We want you to establish a personal connection with the cause/project you are supporting, and will therefore make sure you learn about the issues, dynamics and challenges of each context.

For donations, please use the following:
Account number: 9041.23.74117
IBAN: NO349041237417
Handelsbanken, P.O. Boks 755, Sentrum, 0106 Oslo, Norway


We offer volunteering opportunities and internships for youth of all ages, in Norway and abroad. Field work with AMURT presents a rare opportunity to get free lessons in yoga and meditation whilst working with one of our projects in a developing country.

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Become a Prama Global Ambassador. We recruit country ambassadors to represent the foundation in their respective communities. As an ambassador you participate in a wide range of ventures including fundraising, online activism, writing articles, promoting awareness, organizing events and much more.


Help us share Prama with the world! Engage yourself online and offline and get experience with social media strategies. Share, like and comment on our weekly updates on the website and facebook page! If there is anything on your mind, please send us a message below!