Welcome to the Prama Foundation

- a non-profit organization based in Norway, aiming to empower people and inspire sustainable change.

We provide financial support and technical resources to selected global relief- and development initiatives.



​Every week we publish news from the field and our project directors. Join our facebook group for the latest updates or continue reading here... 

Recent updates include the lastest photography from Syria and progression at the Nile River School! 


Our projects are carefully selected based on our own personal experience with the initiatives and philosophy behind them.

​So far in 2012 we have been supporting relief- and development work through partners in Syria, Nicaragua, Haiti, Egypt and India.  


The work we do requires funding from you. Our projects are completely dependent on private contributions.

We can guarantee that your engagement in Prama will change the way you perceive development and inspire you in more ways than you think...

Get Involved

Want to contribute?

We would love to hear your ideas about ways to reach out to people or connecting with interesting projects! 
There are many ways to participate, e.g. through fundraising, social media campaigns and volunteering for our global development projects.




"To shout “Peace” has become a fashion of the day in this world. But can such shouting bring about any result? There is no other way of establishing peace except by fighting against the reasons that disturb the peace."

- P.R. Sarkar 

Syria Urgent Relief Response

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